Corruption has found its way into our electoral process: What does this mean to the future of Canadians and the People’s Party of Canada?

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Crystal Vargas
October 28, 2019

Only days out of the election and the people of this country are feeling numb with Candidates and supporters of the newest grassroots populist party, People’s Party of Canada, left in understated shock and disbelief.

Just days prior to the Canadian Federal Election date of October 21, 2019, Canadians were shaken by an attack nobody saw coming: the revelation that Andrew Sheer, leader of the Conservative Party, had hired Warren Kinsella of Daisy Group to spearhead a malicious campaign against the PPC.  This sabotage included fake emails and social media tweets that cast a xenophobic cloak on the party that spurred hatred against its members and supporters. One would think that this revelation would have lit a light bulb in the heads of naysayers, yet this was not the case. The PPC ended the election with no seats and with its’ leader, Maxime Bernier, losing his long-standing Member of Parliament status in his riding of Beauce, QC.

It has long been this writer’s contention that there seemed to be something very dark and unsettling looming over this election.  It did not feel right from start to finish. I started looking for answers and a few days ago I stumbled across something that confirmed my thoughts. I was led to information that indicated there was a file or more aptly, a compilation of files, that had been leaked from inside the government. My instinct told me it would confirm my suspicions that the elections were rigged in some way.  More searching, an initialized contact, and the disclosure was more than I bargained for.

My source shared confirmation of receipt of over 60GBS of information that indeed confirms election rigging geared towards the shutout and demise of the People’s Party of Canada.  Today, I received an unsigned letter by someone who had worked for Election Canada who bore witness to shady activities at a particular polling station. Bags and boxes were dumped inside a staff members’ cubicle with ballots being rummaged through on the floor, re-bagged and set aside from others.  He heard whispers that these were not to be included for counting. Were these PPC ballots? My source had already confirmed my query. It was likely the ballots were sent off in the garbage.

It went even deeper.  So deep in fact, that if this massive file were to be shared further, it may be followed by the onslaught of suicides due to its level of criminal incrimination. I am disappointed the evidence is not in my hands, however, I must respect the “burden of suicides on my conscience would be too much to bear.”  I would not want to bear it either. Yet, I take comfort in knowing of its content and ramifications: the truth.

So, my question is, is all lost for Canadians and the PPC? It appears not.  It was shared that we will notice Liberal Cabinet Ministers “getting sick” and leaving their positions in caucus within eight to twelve weeks. It has already started with Jim Carr and his cancer announcement.  This will be the signal. Sheer will resign. Trudeau will take his departure as Prime Minister. People’s Party of Canada will come back strong in its organization. The party will do well. Our country is in trouble.  However, we will all come through the mess unscathed. For myself, Minister of Justice has a nice ring to it. Speaking of which, there are a list of Judges that need to be brought down.

I will continue this investigation to further expose the House of corruption and bring the House down.  Actually, it may be rather gratifying to sit back with some popcorn and watch them bring it down themselves.

In the meantime, we will have to sit, wait and watch how this all unfolds together.  Popcorn anyone?

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