Poilievre stunned by leftie heckler David Akin, Chief Political Reporter at Global News

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By Pierre Poilievre
September 14, 2022

You won’t believe this. I couldn’t believe it, and it happened to me.

Today, I was delivering a statement about how Trudeau’s inflation is hurting everyday Canadians when someone started shouting.

First, they hurled obscenities and then started shouting at me.

Was it some left-wing protester? Maybe it was a Liberal MP or staffer?

No, it was a member of the media.

That’s right. David Akin from Global News was swearing, shouting and heckling. He wasn’t interested in hearing what I had to say, and he certainly wasn’t interested in reporting it in an unbiased way.

This is what we are up against.

It’s not just the Liberals with all the advantages and resources of the federal government at their disposal.

It’s the media, who are no longer interested in even pretending to be unbiased. They want us to lose.

But we have a secret weapon.

You, and hundreds of thousands of other Conservatives across this country. People who want inflation to go down, the out-of-control spending to end, the CBC to be defunded and all the hurt caused by Trudeau turned into hope for a better future.

We can’t count on the media to communicate our messages to Canadians. We have to go around them and their biased coverage. We need to do it directly with ads, mail, phone calls and knocking on millions of doors. And to do all that we need your help.

Chip in to help us go around the biased media.

Thank you,
-Pierre Poilievre

PS. We can’t take on the Liberals and the media and win without your help. Chip in here:

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