Here’s the latest news from the People’s Party of Canada

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Here’s the latest news from the People’s Party of Canada

November 7, 2019

We’re here to stay

The elections results were obviously disappointing for the People’s Party. The breakthrough we hoped for did not materialize and our leader lost his seat in Beauce.

It’s extremely difficult to launch a new party in a first-past-the-post electoral system like Canada’s without a strong regional base. Our support was scattered all across the country, and too many voters who agreed with our principles and our platform decided in the end to vote strategically for another party in order to defeat Justin Trudeau.

This being said, almost 300,000 Canadians supported a People’s Party candidate. It took twenty years and six elections for the Green Party to get a higher percentage of votes nationally than we did after only one year. We are extremely proud of the work accomplished by our candidates and EDA teams.

Even more importantly, the principles and policies of the People’s Party are more relevant than ever. Canada is becoming an increasingly divided and dysfunctional country, and the re-election of the Liberals will make things even worse. The vast majority of those among you who reacted on social media, wrote or spoke to us, have expressed the desire that the People’s Party continue to fight for Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.

The struggle for a better society never ends. This was just the start. We’re here to stay. Our leader and our team are ready to continue this fight. With your help, we will convince more Canadians that the People’s Party has the right ideas to fix Canada’s problems and we will do better next time.

Restructuring our HQ Team

A lot of restructuring has been happening since the election two weeks ago, as we plan for our organization to operate efficiently outside of election time. Many of our staff put their lives on pause in order to work for the Party and ensure it was ready for the election. Now that the election is behind us, some of them are stepping away to resume their lives and careers pre-PPC.

Our Executive Director Johanne Mennie will be stepping away from her role to resume retirement. After the Party was founded last year, Johanne left a calm life to dive into the world of politics and take one of the highest work demand jobs in the country. She took on this responsibility with amazing energy and dedication and, with our small HQ team, was able to accomplish some truly impressive goals.

Our National Coordinator, Caleb Voskamp, will be returning to the Kitchener-Waterloo region to resume management of his various small businesses. Caleb will continue to work on a volunteer basis in order to support EDAs and HQ staff through this transition. For his part, our Digital Solutions Coordinator, Yanick Villeneuve, has accepted a new job in Ottawa. He will also continue to work for the Party on a volunteer basis providing technical support.

Daniel Tyrie, Alex Morrison, and Ryan Browne will all continue to work for PPC HQ on a full-time basis. Christian Roy remains our Chief Agent. Martin Masse also stays on as Director of Policy and Party Spokesperson. Marie-Claude Godue and Jacques Grenier will continue to help candidates and EDAs in Quebec. We will keep you apprised of subsequent changes to our team.

Freedom Talk Conference on Western Separatism

One of the consequences of the election results is that support for Western separatism is intensifying. A conference organized by Freedom Talk will take place in Red Deer on November 15 and 16 to discuss this movement and how to prevent the breakup of our country.

Our leader Maxime Bernier will be the keynote speaker on November 16 and will discuss the political challenge of fixing Canada. If you want to attend the conference, you can register here.

Spread the message!

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Let’s continue to work for Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect!

Thank you for your support,
The PPC Team

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