LESLYN LEWIS: Let’s talk about the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Posted by on July 28, 2022 14:02
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I have been asked about the World Economic Forum (“the WEF”) at every single campaign event.

People are concerned that they are seeing so much of what was dismissed as a conspiracy theory actually manifest over the past two years. Take for example “The Great Reset”, which was never a conspiracy – it was an actual book written by the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, about how to usher in a “green economy”. We have watched leaders around the globe – like our Prime Minister – operate in lockstep and proclaim that COVID has given us a great opportunity to “reset” and reimagine our economic and social future.

When you are told that something is a conspiracy, but you can go online and order the book from Amazon, it makes you distrustful. You wonder what else people are lying to you about.

Hearing Klaus Schwab brag that he “penetrated” the Liberal cabinet was obviously concerning. Whether or not you believe that Schwab actually holds sway over Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet, the fact that a foreign businessman thinks he does is greatly concerning.

One of the many WEF questions I’m asked at my events is how many Conservatives belong to the WEF? In addition, they ask if Pierre Poilievre, whose picture along with his campaign Chair John Baird was on the WEF website, are part of the WEF.

For the record, I am not aware of any Conservative that is a part of the WEF. Mr. Poilievre has stated that he does not know how his picture got on the website, and I have no information that would cause me to disbelieve him. As for Mr. Baird, I’ve met him on a few occasions and he seems to be a decent man. I would suggest reaching out directly to Mr. Poilievre’s campaign to find out if Mr. Baird is still associated with the WEF. I have been shown several videos postulating that Mr. Poilievre’s campaign is a shill for the WEF and I can say that it goes against what I know of Mr. Poilievre who has never given me any reason to doubt his commitment to this country.

The idea that a group of elites could go around the world “penetrating” political democracies and concluding that “you will own nothing and you will be happy” goes against the values of free enterprise and sovereignty that built Canada into this incredible country.

After everything that has come out the WEF, why would Justin Trudeau enter into an agreement with the WEF to implement a trusted traveller program known as the “Known Traveller Digital ID (KTDI)”? Canadians did not consent to this program, and the fact that the WEF’s Chairman has bragged about “penetrating” our cabinet, we should immediately halt the KTDI program and cease any other contracts with the WEF.

A commitment that Conservative MPs will not attend WEF conferences is a given, but doesn’t go far enough to guarantee Canadians that we will shun any global organization that attempts to undermine our democracy. I will go further by challenging the WEF net-zero policies that negatively affect our farmers, that dictate climate change policies that impoverish citizens while not reducing emissions, and that will control every aspect of our lives through the digitization of our economy. I will stand against WEF policies that undermine our sovereignty, erode our freedom, and attempt to shape our destiny into their post-nationalist state.

I am committed to not only standing up for freedom, sovereignty, and individual responsibility both at home and abroad, but also confronting and opposing all WEF ideals that undermine our sovereignty.

Will you stand with me?
Yes! I’m with you!


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  1. glen Bilnent August 13th, 2022 at 00:04

    Good article but Horgan, Kenney [Jesuit trained & attended 2 Bilderberg meetings], and Ford and dozens of other Conservatives are WEF and the bioweapon jab crimes – worst in history. Baird and many Conservatives are not what you think. WEF = big tech + big govt. == no more partial democracy ie. none.


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