Leslyn Lewis: Will they give us answers on SADS?

Posted by on August 3, 2022 17:06
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The past couple of years have been incredibly traumatizing for so many Canadians. People have lost so much: financial devastation, the loss of so many dreams, losing loved ones.

And now at a time when we are hoping that we might finally be returning to normal life, we are being confronted with a new faceless fear: “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”.

This recently emerged mysterious affliction, manifests itself in healthy young adults who suddenly drop dead. Did you know that in Alberta, the leading cause of death is now “Unknown.”? Meanwhile in Toronto over the past few weeks, six young healthy doctors all died suddenly and with no explanation as to why.

We were quickly told that this wasn’t vaccine-related. But that is not good enough. If three young women go missing in your neighbourhood, and the police response was “Well it is probably not a serial killer”, that wouldn’t be good enough.

We would demand answers, which is what we should do now.

These are the same health and government officials who told us masking didn’t work, and then told us to mask. They assured us that the vaccines wouldn’t be mandatory, and then made them so. They promised us the vaccines would stop transmission, and now are admitting they knew it never would. They can’t be surprised that assuring us that everything is fine with absolutely no proof, is not accepted by increasingly frustrated and disillusioned citizens.

Because I have been bold enough to question the narrative from the beginning, I have received a steady flow of communications from doctors, nurses and paramedics who are concerned that SADS is indeed vaccine-related. Many of them do not want their stories shared because they know beyond a shadow of a doubt they would be fired, just for asking questions.

Others want their stories told. Like one woman who wanted to make sure her story reached me. In the span of just over half a year, her niece, and then nephew both died of suspected vaccine-related issues. One died from a confirmed blood clot that health departments around the world have traced back to vaccines. She was pressured to get vaccinated to keep her job.

The other was a member of the RCMP. In perfect health, he dropped dead with no explanation. They are calling it a SADS death. He leaves behind a wife and four kids.

These are just two stories out of a countless number that I have had emailed to me, and have been shared with me in person at every single campaign stop.

It is heartbreaking that many of these people are more comfortable sharing their concerns and grief with me, than talking to their coworkers, friends or family.

As someone who has been steadily attacked just for raising concerns, I understand. In fact, I wonder which version of “Leslyn Lewis spreads conspiracy theory” headline the media will use this time around? Will the CBC call me a fear-mongerer again for asking questions?

I am simply standing with my fellow Canadians saying that we deserve to hear the truth. We deserve the respect of being allowed to think logically without being slandered and cancelled. Here is the question I would put forward to anyone calling me a conspiracy theorist:

Is it a problem that this situation looks like a conspiracy? Or is it more concerning that our government and health officials don’t even care that it looks like a conspiracy, and that they are losing the trust of the public with their non-answers.

It’s time for answers.

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